A Cup of Anxietea by Emma Hjelm , (Sweden, 7:50)
Everywhere by Luise Fiedler (Germany, 6:49)
Ex Terrat by Reinhold Bidner, (Austria/France, 5:45)
Las del Diente by Ana Pérez López, (Spain, USA , 05:28)
Little Boy by Kristian Pedersen, (Norway 2018, 5:00)
OBON by Andre Hörmann, Samo (Anna Bergmann), (Germany, 15:00)
Stories About Him by Yung Shiuan, (Taiwan, 12:46)
The Outlander by Ani Antonova, (Austria, Portugal, Bulgaria, 5:16)
Life of Death by Bryan Arfiandy i Jason Kiantoro, (Indonesia, 5:22)
The Children Of Concrete by Jonathan Phanhsay-Chamson, (France, 06:42)
The Driver Is Red by Randall Christopher, (USA , 14:37)