Animated horrors from Animafest Zagreb

The backwater Gospel by Bo Mathome, (Denmark, 09:31)
Abyssus abyssus invocate by Wess Simpkins , (USA, 09:05)
The pride of Strathmoor by Einar Baldwin, (US, Iceland, 08:30)
Endtrip by Koen de Mol, Olivier Ballast, Rick Franssen, (Netherlands, 05:00)
Coyote by Lorenz Wunderle, (Switzerland, 10:00)
The Present by Hsieh Joe, (Taiwan, 15:16)
Bloody Hands by Tomi Malakki, (Finland, 07:00)
ABCs of Death 2 titles sequence by Wolfgang, (Austria, 01:20)
Midnight Story by Veerapatra Jinanavin, (SAD, 04:20)
Fierce by Izu Troin, France, Switzerland, (Belgium, 15:29)